Should I update my house, or Sell as-is in Athens, Ga?

Knowing the difference between renovations that cost you money and renovations that make you money will dictate your rate of return!

Should I update my house, or Sell as-is in Athens, Ga? Every client who wishes to list his or her home for sale eventually poses this question to Mr. Kassaev. His clients trust Georgui to provide guidance and rely on his experience to advise them when deciding if they should update their home before listing it or sell it as is. Georgui Kassaev became an Athens, Ga. real estate agent after years of working in the residential construction field and adopting the “Renovation for Retail” investing niche. Georgui’s business depended on him being certain in which upgrades would help the house fetch the highest sale price, fastest. By staying up to date on current trends, and paying close attention to recently sold homes Georgui can answer the “Should I update my house, or Sell as-is in Athens, Ga?” with relative ease.

“Buy paying attention to recently sold homes near my property I can narrow down what updates a home requires to attract the most buyers in the area and go under contract faster.” ~ Georgui Kassaev.

To answer the question “Should I update my house, or sell as-is?” we need to understand the buyer. Buyers, who are not looking for new construction homes in Athens, realize that the home they are buying will have some minor wear and tear. Most small issues found in a home can be addressed by the seller, without exuberant expenses. Things such as decluttering your closets, depersonalizing the house, updating lights, and fixtures. Updating faucets and cabinet hardware, matching appliance panels​, regrouting, and replacing chipped tiles, and apply a fresh coat of paint can be done by the homeowner under five hundred dollars.

However, when it comes to big-ticket items such as Replacing the Windows, Painting the Exterior of the Home, Undertaking Large Landscaping Projects. Remodeling the Kitchen and or Bathrooms, Putting Down New Flooring, or adding a Mother In Law Suite to a home for sale in Athens, Georgia, seeking Georguis’ expertise in the matter could mean savings of thousands of dollars.

“Not every upgrade that you perform on your home before listing it for sale in Athens, Ga. will translate into reaching the highest possible sales price. Even agents who have sold the most homes in the area don’t have the answer when it comes to what upgrades will result in their seller client receiving the best price possible. Real estate investors like myself, whose sole job is to buy a property, do the necessary upgrades to achieve the fastest sale at the highest price. Make it our job to know the difference between renovations that cost you money versus renovations that make you money.”~Georgui Kassaev

Advantages of working with Georgui Kassaev, My Athens Realtor!

Georgui Kassaev is an investor who is also a Realtor. Need an investor friendly Realtor, call on me!

Georgui Kassaev spent years in construction. He became a real estate investor who focused on the “renovation for retail” as a niche and made it his business to know what upgrades make money and what renovations just cost money. Mr. Kassaev is also a Mixed Martial Arts Coach in Athens, Ga. who helped train world champions like Forrest Griffin and Brian Bowles. He puts his experience to work for his clients, coaching them in the process of renovating their homes before putting them on the market in the Greater Athens, Ga. area.

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