How Hard is it to Buy a House in Athens, Georgia?

Have you been renting in Athens, Georgia? Or are you moving to Athens, Georgia? No matter what the case may be, if you have decided to purchase a home in Athens, Georgia then you are probably wondering, how hard is it to buy a house in Athens, Georgia? Rest easy, the process is not as difficult as you may think! However, there are a few mistakes to watch out for. Take a look at the video below to educate yourself on some of the common mistakes homebuyers make when buying their first house in Athens, Georgia and turn the question “How Hard is it to Buy a House in Athens, Georgia?” into the statement. How Easy it is to Buy a House in Athens, Georgia!

Five common mistakes first time home buyers make with realtor Georgui Kassaev in Athens Georgia.

Hello, my name is [comapny] and I am a Realtor in Athens, Georgia. Here to talk about the Five common mistakes first-time homebuyers make.

NO. 1: NOT UNDERSTANDING YOUR DOWN PAYMENT OPTIONS The biggest headache for so many first-time buyers is the down payment. If you’ve ever bought a car, then you’re probably familiar with the concept — it’s money that you contribute to the total cost of the purchase. Where is your down payment coming from?

NO. 2: NOT GETTING PREQUALIFIED FOR A LOAN Between the amount of money you plan to put down on the home, the potential PMI or private mortgage insurance, and other cost factors, your monthly cost could be significantly more (or possibly less) than some of those calculators will show you online. It pays to figure out what you can actually afford — and that means getting prequalified for a home loan.

NO. 3: NOT FINDING A QUALIFIED REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL It’s so easy to find homes online these days that you may wonder why a real estate professional is even necessary. However, the process of buying and selling a home in Athens, Georgia is filled with hundreds of details that need to be planned for and navigated to a successful outcome. Not to mention areas with competitive markets where you’re probably not seeing the most updated listings — that home you just fell in love with online might be under contract before you can set up a time to tour it.

NO. 4: NOT SPENDING THE NIGHT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD If it’s at all possible, see if you can find an Airbnb or another vacation-rental type of setup where you can crash for a night or two — preferably closer to a week — so you can try your new neighborhood on for size.

NO. 5: NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT’S FIXABLE AND WHAT’S A DEAL-BREAKER Those drop panels in the ceiling are hideous, and you can’t imagine how anyone can fit into that minuscule bathtub. Are those annoyances that can be fixed or deal-breakers that mean you should pass on the property entirely?

If you would like more information or if you would like a different real estate question answered please do not hesitate to give Georgui Kassaev, My Athens Realtor a call. 706-426-1082 Thank you very much and I hope you have a great day.

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