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Why Mikayla decided to work with Realtor Georgui in Athens, Ga!

Mikayla on how she found George Kassaev a realtor in Athens Ga & her experience in working with him!
It can be difficult to know who one should work with! With everyone claiming that they are number one it makes you wonder if anyone is number one. Listen to Why Mikayla decided to work with Realtor Georgui in Athens, Ga!

Mikayla Flake:
Hi, my name’s Mikayla Flake, here is why I decided to work with Realtor Georgui in Athens, Ga! Well, I just recently graduated from the University of North Georgia a little over a year ago. I currently work with Cutco, I am a district manager. So basically what I do is, if you’ve never heard of Cutco, it’s just selling and showing kitchen cutlery and other items for the kitchen, some outdoor stuff, hunting tools, stuff like that too. And I’m currently a manager for the office in Athens, year-round where I just help other people build communication skills, and help grow their resume and things like that, just giving them the same opportunity that I had for myself, which is pretty cool. So my goal in buying a place was that I see, and I’ve personally experienced this, where it’s not necessarily that you feel like you’re throwing away your money to rent, but with the rent prices at where they are right now, I felt like it just would be a lot more affordable for me to find a place.

I needed to have a lease for an office for my job. And so I thought, why would I rent an office and rent a place when I can just buy a two-bedroom condo and have an office room and a bedroom, that just made a lot more sense to me. So I spent a little bit of time looking around. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. As I said, I just graduated college. I didn’t really say much to my parents about what I was doing, I kind of was just like, “Eh, we’ll just see how it works out.” And I honestly didn’t tell my parents until I got preapproved for a mortgage because I knew that if I said something, they’d be like, “With the market how it is right now, I don’t know that that’s a good idea, we’ll see.”

But I was like, I know that I have money saved up, I know that it would be a good investment long term to get a condo in Athens, Ga. because ultimately if I don’t end up living here forever, I could rent it out to college students, or as an Airbnb for football games, or just to have. I just knew it would be an investment in the long term, but I currently needed a place to live. Also, I work from home, so my parents live in the middle of nowhere and the service is absolutely terrible. So I knew that I wanted to be in Athens to connect with the people I work with in person occasionally, and just for better internet was one of my main reasons. So I originally found a few places. I would message, I didn’t know what I was doing. I do remember that George had messaged me and said, “Hey, I know you’re looking at places.” Normally how it goes, every few days or every week I would get an email or a text like, “Hey, here’s a property,” or anything like that.

So I ultimately was just searching one day and I was about a month into the process, and I found the place that I’m currently in right now. And it was a fixer-upper, I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy process, but I also knew that it was something that I could afford as I had just graduated college. And so I called George, and we set up a time to come in here. It was not an easy process and that’s not because of him, it was because of the situation for the people that lived here before. So there were people who had lived here, I think they said 12 years, but they were just renting the place. And the actual owners, it was just a hard place to get into. The lady that was renting it had just had a stroke, and so they weren’t really able to have people come in and do a walkthrough. And so it was days out that we were able to even come through and look at the place. It was kind of challenging to get in touch with the people.

But I know that like George worked really hard and always answered every single question that I had. So like I said, I did not know what I was doing and didn’t talk to my parents a lot. My dad used to own rental properties, he knows a lot about real estate. He’s not a real estate agent, so he doesn’t know everything, but he does know a lot about the process, I was a little bit intimidated, and some of the questions I felt like I just should know. So I asked George a lot of questions. If he didn’t know the answer to my question, he did everything that he could to find the answer to the question, which is greatly appreciated considering I kind of work in a similar position or a similar business, where I get asked a lot of questions and I have to answer a lot of questions.

And if I don’t know, then I am the same way where I’m like, “Okay, let me find out.” And so I really appreciated that, I could tell the effort that was put in. And so I really appreciated that. And I knew that he was doing everything that he could do to help make this process as easy as possible for me. So I would say, definitely one of the things that stood out was just how hard he worked to get my questions answered and to figure things out. So besides not being able to get in, it was hard because the closing process took a while because it was hard to get the people that lived here out. And so deciding on the price and everything, they were set on a certain price, and George was really able to bring it down to something that I just didn’t expect. Not to say that I didn’t expect it from him, but it was crazy that I got a text one day, “Hey, they brought it all the way down to this.” And I was like, “Whoa, that’s crazy.”

So I would just say, I know a lot of realtors, in the position that I work in, selling Cutco, we have closing gifts, and so I’ve done a lot of presentations with realtors. And so for me, it was a struggle to decide who I wanted to work with because I had met so many, I know so many real estate agents. And so I didn’t want to go with anyone that I really knew, partially because I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but also just because I felt like, I don’t know, I felt like they had helped me out so that I would be helping them out. So I feel like the reason that I went with George was just because of the continuous effort and following up.

And then also, I also think that obviously, I went with a realtor because I didn’t know, this is my first like home-buying process, definitely was a lot more than I expected. And I think that a lot of the time, it’s just people have the idea like, “Oh, I can just do this on my own. I can just Google it and I can just figure it out, and it’ll be super easy. No big deal.” No, it was definitely not like that. And so I knew from the beginning that I was going to be using a realtor to help me through the process because what else would I do? I didn’t know everything. And so I really think that I made the right decision. George helped me a ton. I don’t know that I would be in the condo that I’m in right now if I hadn’t had him as my realtor, just because of all of the blocks in the road that we hit. It definitely was not an easy process.

But I’m definitely very happy with where I’m at now. Monthly payments I’m very happy with, just being in Athens. I wanted to be close to downtown at a price, that is hard, and it’s impossible to be found right now. Yeah, I mean, ultimately, it just comes down to I’m very grateful, and I just think that this process, a lot of the weight was lifted off of my shoulders. And it was just honestly a pretty easy process, at the end of the day, on my end. I didn’t really have to contact anyone and everything was taken care of for me. So I definitely recommend reaching out to George if you’re looking into buying a home because he did everything that he could and was pretty selfless in the process, thinking about anything that he could to help me have an easy process, and also to help me end up where I wanted to be. So yeah.

Georgui Kassaev

Georgui Kassaev was invited to this country in 1996 during the Atlanta Olympic games. The first place he came to call his home after leaving Russia and performing all over Mexico, was Athens. He became a professional mixed martial arts fighter, then coach, and eventually obtained two black belts in taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He formed a specialty carpentry and construction business which sparked his passion for real estate. He then rediscovered his first passion performing. After all, he has performed in the circus since he was eleven years old in front of thousands of people and then again when he was an adult as a professional fighter. In 2018 he landed his first 3 television roles. While acting, he continued developing his real estate skills, becoming a value-add investor in the Classic City and then getting his real estate license. He has now become a listing specialist in the Greater Athens Area, working with homeowners to protect their interests and get them the right price for their property! However, he never abandoned his construction roots and works with investor clients to help them buy properties based on their numbers with no aversion to making multiple offers. Georgui is fluent in three languages Russian, Spanish, and English. He is proficient in video production and social media marketing.

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