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Is Athens, Georgia a Good Place to Retire?

Is Athens, Georgia a Good Place to Retire for Seniors Who Need Long-Term Care?

Athens, Georgia was named the “#1 Best Place to Retire” by Forbes Magazine. It was also included in the “Top 50 Places to Retire” from Fortune Magazine. recognized as one of the “50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the United States” by Where to Retire Magazine. Of course its best to talk to a local expert in order to determin, Is Athens, Georgia a Good Place to Retire?

At 65 years and older, it’s important to start thinking about the future and whether you will someday need one form of care assistance or another. As circumstances change, it can become more difficult for some people to care for themselves, maneuver around the home, and get around town for essential medical appointments.

There are many options when it comes to long-term care, and the care that works best for you will depend on your specific needs. From aging in place to joining an assisted living community, this article from Georgui Kassaev, My Athens Realtor will cover some of the most common options for long-term care so that you can make the best decision for you or a loved one.

Modifying Your Current home

Many people prefer to age in place, which typically refers to living in your existing residence rather than moving to a different home or facility. Your current home may work well for your golden years if you’re able to make the modifications necessary to accommodate your needs. For instance, you can help with mobility issues by making modifications like:

  • Installing entranceway and threshold ramps
  • Widening doorways or installing expandable hinges
  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom
  • Lowering countertops
  • Removing any area rugs and replacing any high-piled carpet with low-piled carpet, hardwoods or vinyl flooring

Purchasing an Accessible Home

If your home will not accommodate these kinds of changes, you may need to look for a new home that is more accessible. You may not find a place that already has all the necessary accommodations, but you should be able to find one that allows for modifications. For instance, single-story layout homes are a good place to start, because they have fewer steps to deal with. Also, an open floor plan (or at least wider doorways and hallways) is ideal.

If you decide to sell your current home and buy a new home (be sure to contact Georgui Kassaev, My Athens Realtor to make the process less stressful), it’s important to research the housing market and home improvement trends. Real estate websites make it easy to find information such as:

  • The median sale price of homes
  • Sale activity and number of homes that are newly listed
  • Most valuable or most popular home upgrades

Independent Living

Another option is to join an independent living community. This is often a great choice for seniors who want to maintain their independence while having fewer home maintenance responsibilities and enjoying various amenities and services. For instance, an independent living community will provide you with convenient access to medical assistance, dining, entertainment and other amenities. Moreover, many independent living communities even offer hospitality services (e.g., meals, housekeeping, etc.).

Assisted Living

Assisted living is similar to independent living, except it provides more assistance with daily activities. You can still enjoy an independent lifestyle in an assisted living community, but you would have access to services such as medication management, bathing assistance, housekeeping, transportation, laundry services, and meal preparation—all of which are typically included in the price of renting your apartment.

Senior home care is something most of us will have to consider at some point. The most important thing is that you are able to enjoy your golden years safely and comfortably—whether that means aging in place, buying a new home or joining a living community. There are also other options that provide varying levels of long-term care, so be sure to do further research, evaluate your current and potential needs, and go over your finances so that you can make an educated decision.

Planning to move? Georgui Kassaev, My Athens Realtor can make the process of selling your home and buying a new home easier and quicker. Call today at 706-426-1082.

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Georgui Kassaev

Georgui Kassaev was invited to this country in 1996 during the Atlanta Olympic games. The first place he came to call his home after leaving Russia and performing all over Mexico, was Athens. He became a professional mixed martial arts fighter, then coach, and eventually obtained two black belts in taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He formed a specialty carpentry and construction business which sparked his passion for real estate. He then rediscovered his first passion performing. After all, he has performed in the circus since he was eleven years old in front of thousands of people and then again when he was an adult as a professional fighter. In 2018 he landed his first 3 television roles. While acting, he continued developing his real estate skills, becoming a value-add investor in the Classic City and then getting his real estate license. He has now become a listing specialist in the Greater Athens Area, working with homeowners to protect their interests and get them the right price for their property! However, he never abandoned his construction roots and works with investor clients to help them buy properties based on their numbers with no aversion to making multiple offers. Georgui is fluent in three languages Russian, Spanish, and English. He is proficient in video production and social media marketing.

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