How To Handle Cloudy Title In Athens

It happens sometimes that people think they own their home when they actually don’t (or don’t clearly own it). The problem in such a case is that usually what is known as cloudy title – a situation in which a title search reveals that the actual property owner is unclear. In the case of cloudy title, a property can’t be sold and the title can’t be transferred to a buyer, so it is a concern for both buyers and sellers. Let’s see, then, how to handle cloudy title in Athens.

What Is Cloudy Title in Athens and What Causes It?

A cloud on title (which results in cloudy title) is any claim, encumbrance, lien, or document that could impair or invalidate a title to real property. This makes the title doubtful and sale of the property difficult or impossible until the problem is resolved. Cloudy title in Athens is usually discovered during the title search, which is required by lenders. Lenders don’t want to put up money till they know the title to the property is clear.

Cloudy title is usually the result of unresolved property issues. Such issues could include foreclosure proceedings initiated in response to a borrower being in default. In this case, the delinquent borrower can’t sell the property because the title isn’t clear. Even if that borrower could sell the property, it would be unattractive to buyers while there is a cloud on the title.

Besides liens from lenders, another common cause of cloudy title is a mechanics lien. These liens are placed on a property when some kind of construction work was contracted and then performed, but payment (or full payment) wasn’t made. A mechanic’s lien will stay in place till all the labor and material costs have been paid. The lien is tied to the property, not the owner, which means that a buyer would assume responsibility for it.

Probate and related inheritance and estate issues can also result in cloudy title in Athens. Ownership of a probate property may be uncertain when a decedent failed to clearly define who would control the estate or own the property.

And sometimes, the cloudy title is a result of fraud. It does happen occasionally that false deeds are recorded as actually legitimate, and this later creates confusion about property ownership.

Possible Steps to Handle Cloudy Title in Athens

The first thing to do is to review the report of cloudy title. A cloud on title can be anything from additional owners to doubtful ownership. After reviewing the report, contact a title officer and/or an attorney. Then you have the following options, depending on the particular cloud on title, to handle cloudy title in Athens:


Contact any private parties listed on the title who don’t actually have rights to the property and request that they execute a quitclaim deed. This will remove them from the chain of title and clear the cloud.


Sometimes even after a mortgage has been paid off, the lender still has a claim to the property because it was just never removed. In a case like this, you can contact the lender and have them execute a deed of reconveyance. This deed lifts the lender’s right to the property and clears any cloud on title from the old, paid-off loan.

Meet Obligations to Remove Liens

Sellers who discover a cloud on title resulting from liens for unpaid debts can pay off the debts and request that the liens be removed. If, however, you pay the debt and the lien holder refuses to remove the lien, you may have to go to court to have the lien released.


If everything else fails, you may have to file a quiet title action. This is a specialized kind of lawsuit in which you prove your right to the property’s title and so have clouds removed by the court. If you can adequately prove your right to the title, this tactic should work, and the court will remove clouds.

Handling cloudy title in Athens can be a complicated and legally complex undertaking. Without any experience, you should hire an attorney and go through a title company. A qualified real estate agent also has experience in this area and can provide some guidance. You don’t have to go it alone.

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Georgui Kassaev

Georgui Kassaev was invited to this country in 1996 during the Atlanta Olympic games. The first place he came to call his home after leaving Russia and performing all over Mexico, was Athens. He became a professional mixed martial arts fighter, then coach, and eventually obtained two black belts in taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He formed a specialty carpentry and construction business which sparked his passion for real estate. He then rediscovered his first passion performing. After all, he has performed in the circus since he was eleven years old in front of thousands of people and then again when he was an adult as a professional fighter. In 2018 he landed his first 3 television roles. While acting, he continued developing his real estate skills, becoming a value-add investor in the Classic City and then getting his real estate license. He has now become a listing specialist in the Greater Athens Area, working with homeowners to protect their interests and get them the right price for their property! However, he never abandoned his construction roots and works with investor clients to help them buy properties based on their numbers with no aversion to making multiple offers. Georgui is fluent in three languages Russian, Spanish, and English. He is proficient in video production and social media marketing.

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